Visual Cloud Nine Warranty

Congratulations! On joining hundreds of people worldwide who understand the importance of sleep and appreciate how a good night’s sleep improves and adds a zest to their waking life.

At Poly Products , It is our endeavor, to make that great night’s sleep possible for you.For three decades we have been applying technology to offer you an ever improving sleep surface.

Your mattress is a product of great care and attention. You have made the right choice for years of undisturbed sleep.


Syed Anwar Ahsan
General Manager
Poly Products LLC
Sultanate of Oman


  • Comfort preferences
  • Bent border or grid wires
  • Damage as a consequence of weak or improper base support.
  • We recommend a firm supportive non-yielding foundation.
  • Merchandise sold as distressed, sample or showroom model.
  • Mattress handles
  • Transportation covering removal and delivery
  • Claims outside the country of purchase
  • Normal compaction of upholstery materials
  • Body Indentation of 4cms or less
  • Bed Height


  • Sagging of the pocketed coils.
  • Body indentations of more than 4cms.
  • Breakage of Coils.
  • Coils or wires that rip the fabric.
  • Fraying of the cover fabric within three months of purchase.


  • The mattress is burnt, soiled or stained and there is evidence of improper care, abuse, unsanitary conditions or bed bugs.
  • The mattress has been used with an improper foundation with inadequate support.
  • A two sided mattress is not rotated as per the calendar labels.
  • The original invoice and proof of purchase or the stamped warranty card is not produced.
  • The border wire is bent. The border wire holds the construction of the bedding and it can only be bent by excessive use of force.
  • A claim is made by anyone other than the original purchaser.
  • If any labels to the mattress are found removed.

The limited warranty runs from the original date of purchase and is provided only to the original purchaser. If a manufacturing defect is identified within the scope of this warranty we shall repair or replace at our option. * We reserve the right to substitute materials by equivalent or superior quality. Since fabrics are constantly upgraded we do not guarantee that the replaced mattress will have the same fabric. Repair or replacement does not extend or begin a new warranty period. We are not liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of this product or the inability to use this product. We do not warrant that product is suitable for any person’s medical condition. In no event shall our liability exceed the original purchase price of the product.

The Do’s

  • Do give your new mattress time to air after removal of the plastic packaging.
  • Do carry the mattress vertically on its side, while moving it.
  • Do use a mattress protector / pad to keep your mattress hygienic and clean.
  • Do use a firm supportive foundation

The Do Not’s

  • Do not bend, fold or jump on the mattress as damage can occur.
  • Do not use dry cleaning fluid on your mattress.
  • Do not smoke in bed.
  • Do not remove any labels from the mattress.
  • Do not bend the mattress while transporting.
  • Do not place the mattress on a base which is sagging. The base surface should be rigid and non-yielding with the required supports. When purchasing just a mattress it is important that you check your bed / box spring for rigidity. An old foundation may not provide sufficient support.
  • Do not use the mattress handles for lifting/pulling the full weight of the mattress.


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