Mattress Buying Tips

When to buy a new mattress ?

Knowing when to change your mattress is as important as to what to look for in a new mattress. It is recommended that you should replace your mattress every 8- 10 years if purely for reasons of hygiene. Replace earlier if it sags or there are lumps as you slide your hand applying pressure on the mattress. Again if you are not getting deep restful sleep, night after night, a poor mattress could be stealing your sleep. Your body will notice the need for a new mattress

What is mattress support ?

A quality mattress will gently support your body at all points and keep your spine in the same body position as when you stand erect. It is important that your spine be kept in the natural ‘S’ curve otherwise your muscles will have to work all night and you will get up feeling stiff and sore.

What is mattress comfort ?

Mattresses do not have to be hard as a board to provide support. Comfort is a matter of personal preference. Some prefer a plush feel, others may opt for a firmer feel. It is therefore important that you try out and test as many mattresses as possible to determine what feels right for you. We offer you a range of choices to choose from.

What size of a mattress should you choose ?

Select a mattress that gives you enough room for easy free movement. If you sleep with a partner ensure that both individuals have enough space to be comfortable.

How is a mattress constructed ?

A mattress has basically two elements. The mattress core provides the support for the sleeper. The core could be springs, foam, air, coir or even water. Support in Cloud Nine mattresses is provided by the much researched pocketed spring system which, besides providing conformability and support ,also minimizes transfer of partner movement to give you an undisturbed night’s sleep. The upholstery layers of fabric and foam which wrap around the core provide surface comfort, plush feel and cushioning. Cloud Nine mattresses offer a range of comfort options to choose from.

How do you determine mattress value?

Shopping for the best value and not the lowest price or discount is the key. Consider buying a mattress as a healthy investment to your quality of life since a good night’s sleep determines the quality of your waking life. Should you compromise ? Buy the best mattress you can afford.

What to look for in a Warranty ?

Warranty protects you against product/workmanship defects, not gradual loss of comfort and support which depends on how you take care of your mattress. Your best bet is to select a reputed brand and buy it from a good retailer who takes pride and responsibility for the product he sells. However, do not look at the warranty to tell you as to how long to keep the mattress.