Mattress Expertise

Pocketed spring support system, the heart of our mattresses.

Our pocketed spring construction is durable and unique. Each individually wrapped coil operates independently without affecting other coils while conforming to the body shape to support all pressure points. The individual movement of our pocketed springs ensures that when one partner is tossing and turning the other is not disturbed. This translates into better sleep comfort. Our pocketed spring support system is engineered for heavy duty usage eliminating any durability worries for you.

  • Continuity and consistency in pocket formation is closely monitored
  • 250 Pocketed Spring units per shift rollout from the Spring Unit Assembly
  • The spring and pocket materials are checked for conformity to specification
  • The Pocket Spring, being the heart of the mattress, care is taken at every stage of manufacturing
  • Finished mattresses are packed and transported to the Store through an automated conveyor system minimizing contact to avoid any damage or soilage during handling
  • Each padding layer is firmly secured to the spring unit.
  • The quilting is anchored to the Spring Unit to prevent panel shift during usage
  • Foam encasement for a firmer edge and an increased sleep surface area
  • The longevity of the boxed construction is ensured by using quality materials and adoption of the correct application method
  • Finished mattresses are packed and transported to the Store through an automated conveyor system minimizing contact to avoid any damage or soilage during handling

Plush comfort layers for cloud like comfort

Comfort is relative and a matter of personal preference. We offer a range of comfort options for you to take your pick. This differentiation is achieved by varying padding layers and using foam of different densities and thicknesses while ensuring that the padding layer is able to withstand the stress and strain without losing resilience or shape. We rely on our experience and research to create such construction options.

The secret of comfort, resilient and durable foam.

Foam is a key component which determines the comfort and durability of a mattress. We manufacture our own foam in our custom built, automated state-of-the-art plant not only to ensure compliance with international standards but also to maintain the high quality standards of our mattresses. We have the widest range of foam, thirty different qualities with varying densities and grades.

There are padding materials and there is our extra-loft polyester fibre.

Under license from Advansa, Netherlands, we manufacture the Dacron polyester fibre, the preferred choice of quality conscious international hotel chains Our polyester fibre is light weight, fluffy and never gets lumpy. It breathes and circulates air. It is moth proof, non-allergenic, odorless and long lasting.

  • Thermo - Bonded Polyester Wadding Production Line
  • Polyester Fibre Blending

Ticking has to look inviting, breathe and more.

Ticking, the protective outer fabric which covers the mattress is required to be more than just durable and look good. Anti-Microbial Protection, hygiene and fire retardancy in conformity with international standards are critical in contract bedding. It is our constant endeavor to source ticking which incorporates the latest advancements in these areas.

  • Baroness Jacquard BS 7177, Ignition source 1, Match Flame Test
  • Corvus Circular knit Fabric BS 7177, Ignition source 1, Match Flame Test
  • Trevira CS Jacquard BS 7177, Ignition source 5, Wooden Crib Test
  • N 73 Jacquard BS 7177, Ignition source 7, Wooden Crib Test Yarns inherently FR with Kanecaron
  • Lagos Jacquard BS BS 7177, Ignition source 0, Cigarette Test
  • F 85 Jacquard BS 7177, Ignition source 5,Wooden CribTest

Like everything else mattress comes in different sizes.

Twin, Single, Twin extra long, Double, Queen, King, California King… the list goes on. The dimensions differ from one region to another. We manufacture all sizes depending on your requirement. Select the best size that suits your room but do remember that more sleeping space means better sleep for your guests.